Layo1 PCB a must for the creative designer!

Layo1 PCB Design Pro Multilayers

is the professional design version that allows you to design the most complex single and multi-layer prints.
All Layo1 PCB Design versions have Netlist support.
A Netlist is a text file in which all components and also all connections are exactly as in the diagram.
If you use it, Layo1 PCB Design is a fully-fledged design system.
You still have complete freedom in placing and drawing tracks,
but Layo1 PCB Design checks every connection against the Netlist.
If a track comes too close to an object from another network, Layo1 PCB Design draws a
clear white line where it is wrong.
In addition, Layo1 PCB Design opens an information screen with one or more error messages.
Click on an error message, and Layo1 PCB Design zooms in on the location of the error.
As soon as you correct it, the error message is automatically deleted.
Layo1 PCB Design provides a list of the nets that are not yet ready while editing tracks.
This list (left next to the workspace) is sorted by the number of pins that are not yet connected.
If you select a net from this list, this net will be displayed clearly.
When all connections have been made, the list is empty, so everything is connected according to the Netlist.
Layo1 PCB Design can read a Netlist from an external schematic drawing program.
Currently, Mentor, multiSim, Calay, Protel and Tango formats are automatically recognized!
When you read in a Netlist, all components and connections that appear in the diagram are automatically loaded.
A list of all parts outside the print is shown in the left-hand side.
Click on an item from the list, and it depends on the cursor for correct placement.
Determine the correct placement using the guides that are automatically recalculated after each move.
As soon as all parts are on the print, the complete parts list is displayed on the left.
Double click on a component and Layo1 PCB Design zooms in on it.
We hope that this short description is sufficient to make your choice between Draw / Design.

With Layo1 PCB Design you make a print as follows:

Of course you can in between:

It's that simple!

Item Description (year license program) price Netlist
8000-ML-L Layo1 PCB start MultiLayer + NetList license 318,00 yes
8000-MLO-L Layo1 PCB continuation year License MultiLayer + NetList 158,00 yes

Extra licenses for workgroups 50% off!
Additional licenses are intended for working with Layo1 PCB,
on different independent computers within the same company.

Year License

A one-year license gives you the right to use Layo1 PCB for a year with a small investment.
During this time, you are of course entitled to all updates and releases that come out.
So you are always up-to-date and can take advantage of the latest developments.
Moreover, you can use our telephone help desk, so that you can get a quick answer to all your questions.
You pay the first year for a start license and then, annually, for a follow-up license.
Important: If the license has expired, you can still consult projects but cannot modify or print anything anymore.

Benefit from annual license for version with maintenance subscription.
The costs are spread over a period of five years and a lot cheaper.


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