Layo1 PCB a must for the creative designer!

Layo1 PCB Draw Pro Double Sided

is the drawing version with which you can design the most complex prints.
There is no Netlist support, so you have complete freedom in placing and drawing tracks.
You must of course check whether all connections have been made correctly.
Would you like Layo1 PCB to provide extra support during the entire design process,
then the Layo1 PCB Design version is a better choice by using. the use of net and component lists.

With Layo1 PCB Draw you make a print as follows:

Of course you can in between:

It's that simple!

Item Description (year license program) price Netlist
8000-D-L Layo1 PCB start year License Double Sided 86,00 no
8000-DO-L Layo1 PCB continuation year License Double Sided 41,00 no

Extra licenses for workgroups 50% off!
Additional licenses are intended for working with Layo1 PCB,
on different independent computers within the same company.

Year License

A one-year license gives you the right to use Layo1 PCB for a year with a small investment.
During this time, you are of course entitled to all updates and releases that come out.
So you are always up-to-date and can take advantage of the latest developments.
Moreover, you can use our telephone help desk, so that you can get a quick answer to all your questions.
You pay the first year for a start license and then, annually, for a follow-up license.
Important: If the license has expired, you can still consult projects but cannot modify or print anything anymore.

Benefit from annual license for version with maintenance subscription.
The costs are spread over a period of five years and a lot cheaper.


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The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.