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Upgrading means continuing growth without extra costs!

What is an Upgrade?

An Upgrade means changing over to a more powerful program. For instance, you may be using Layo1 PCB Design Pro Double Sided because until now, you did not need to design circuit boards with more than 2 (copper) layers. Suddenly you are faced with a situation for which a double-sided board is too large, and the only way to fit that board into the intended case is to use a multilayer. You can then simply upgrade to Layo1 PCB Design Pro Multilayers. The price of an Upgrade is only the difference in price between the two programs (current program must have maintenance subscription).

What is an Update?

An update means changing over to an improved version of the same program. Usually each Update will include a number of new functions created in consultation with users.

The price of an Update is about 12% for 12 months.