For creative PCB-designers

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Pricing Layo1 PCB Pro

For students and hobbyists we have low priced Layo1 PCB Home versions!

Item Description Price Netlist Action
8000 GCDB Layo1 PCB Draw Pro Double Sided 250,- No Order by email
8000 GDDB Layo1 PCB Draw Pro Multilayers 400,- No Order by email
8000 GCJB Layo1 PCB Design Pro Double Sided 600,- Yes Order by email
8000 GDJB Layo1 PCB Design Pro Multilayers 950,- YesOrder by email

The prices given do not include VAT but do include shipping costs.

Extra licences for work group: 50% discount!

Extra licences work on a number of independent computers

Maintenance contracts

A maintenance contract costs 12% per annum and entitles you to updates and releases for the Layo1 PCB program for one year. You are always up-to-date and can take advantage of the latest developments. Furthermore, you can request telephone assistance from our helpdesk for quick answers to all your questions.

Buyers of Layo1 PCB receive the first 12 months of the maintenance contract free!